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179:How Does Our Giftedness Lead Us In Entrepreneurship?-Bill Hendricks


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/179_Bill_Hendricks_-_8_28_16_8.03_PM.output.mp3 Bill Hendricks is President of The Giftedness Center, a Dallas-based consulting firm devoted to helping individuals think through strategic life and career decisions. He is also the Executive Director for Christian Leadership at The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary. Bill has authored or coauthored twenty-two books, including his latest, The Person Called YOU: Why […]

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178:Cultivating Emotionally Safe Homes for Your Kids-Joshua Straub


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/178_Joshua_Straub_-_8_24_16_9.19_PM.output.mp3 Joshua Straub, Ph.D. is an author and speaker, is the President and Cofounder of The Connextion Group, a company designed to empower parents, spouses and families and serves as the Marriage and Family Strategist for LifeWay Christian Resources. Josh speaks and writes on emotionally safe parents and spouses and the influence of technology on today’s […]

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177:Setting the Vision Before You, Every Day-Monica Zuniga


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/177_Monica_Zuniga_-_8_21_16_7.34_PM.output.mp3 Monica is a a Texas-native born and bread. She spent over a year in Hong Kong from 2008-2009 as a missionary during her undergraduate studies at Dallas Baptist University. Upon her return, she graduated with a degree in Business Management and entered the workforce as a corporate recruiter in 2011. In November of 2013, she helped launch a […]

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176:Be Who’s Really In Control?-Robby Berthume


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/176_Robby_Berthume_-_8_17_16_6.04_PM.output.mp3 Robby Berthume is a digital and marketing maven, mentor, motivator and matchmaker for ad agencies and brands. Known as “The Millennial Entrepreneur”, Robby is the co-founder and CEO of Bull & Beard, where his core role is connecting brands, ad agencies and technology shops as  well as leading strategy and thought leadership. As Robby […]

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175:Be Humble, Stay Hungry, Always Hustle-Brad Lomenick


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/175_Brad_Lomenick_-_8_13_16_2.20_PM.output.mp3 Brad Lomenick is the author of H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle. and is the former longtime President of Catalyst whose numerous credits include building one of the largest and most recognized leadership gatherings in the world. A protégée of John Maxwell, Lomenick has more than two decades of experience working alongside thought-leaders such as Jim […]

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174:Is Franchising a Doable Option?-Steve Bensema


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/174_Steve_Bensema_-_8_9_16_6.01_PM.output.mp3 Steve has been a follower of Christ for 13 year. He’s a husband of 9 years his wife, Brooke, and father to four crazy, wild and amazing kids, MNOP (Miles, Nora, Olivia & Payton).   Steve has always been an entrepreneur, just didn’t realize it until he went into business for himself.  He started […]

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173:Leadership is about Stewarding Influence-Jenni Catron


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/173-Jennie_Catron_-_8_7_16_7.51_PM.output.mp3 Jenni Catron is a writer, speaker, and leadership coach who consults churches and non-profits to help them lead from their extraordinary best.  Her passion is to lead well and to inspire, equip and encourage others to do the same. She speaks at conferences and churches nationwide, seeking to help others develop their leadership gifts […]

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172:Does God Provide in the Midst of the Unknown?-Dan Crask


http://traffic.libsyn.com/gospeldrivenentrepreneur/172-Dan_Crask_-_8_3_16_7.18_PM.output.mp3 As Creative Director and Co-Founder of Brand Shepherd – a branding shop based in Wyoming, Ohio – Dan manages each account and the work they create for each one. Dan co-owns Brand Shepherd with his wife, Andrea. They began as a part-time business in 2006, then in 2008 Brand Shepherd became my full-time interest. […]

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